Tank Strategy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very straight forward and is based on the principle of what we would be prepared to tolerate ourselves. Your data is yours, not ours to sell or give away unless required by law.

We only keep the minimum of information required to provide our service and only use it for that purpose.

If you have any questions or concerns, just send us an e-mail: support@tankstrategy.com

What data do you store?

What data do you store?

The gmail address you used to purchase Tank Strategy or that your device provides when you upload a new high score.

The date that you purchased Tank Strategy.

Any ranking you uploaded, including a timestamp so the ranks can be correctly sorted.

Why do we collect data?

Why do we collect data?

To ensure that when you've paid for Tank Strategy that we don't show you reminders or adverts.

To ensure that any new features or updates that are for paid apps only are available to you.

To verify that a ranking on the rankings table is genuine.

Your gmail account can be transferred when you get a new device and using that identifier allows us to provide you with a continuous service when you upgrade or change your device.

What else is the data for?

What else is the data for?


We will not use your gmail address for any other purpose.

We will not give away or sell your address to a third party.

We will not contact you using the address unless:

  • You initiate a dialogue with us using that address
  • There is an overriding need to contact you for some reason (not sales or marketing)

What about adverts?

What about adverts?

For the unpaid version of Tank Strategy, we use a third party advert provider. Our advertising partner(s) may use information provided by your device to determine which adverts to display.It

If you purchase the app and deactivate the adverts, the game will no longer make connections to the advertisers server.

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