Tank Strategy

How to play

The goal of each level on Tank Strategy is to destroy all the other tanks.

When you start the game, you play on a 3x3 grid with a number of randomly placed walls.

To choose a command, touch one of the yellow command entry slots on the left hand side of the command sequence bar, then select the command from the pop-up list:

Available commands are:

You can replace a command that you have already chosen by tapping it again and selecting the replacement. You can also delete a command by tapping it and then selecting the red X.

You may not leave spaces between commands (there isn't a "pause"), but you don't have to fill all the available spaces in the sequence.

When you're happy with your sequence, tap the "GO" button to start the action.

Execute a command sequence

In the example below, we choose to rotate the tank clockwise, then rotate the turret anti-clockwise.

Tapping GO starts the action:

Rotating the tank clockwise
Rotating the turret anti-clockwise

Hunt down the opposition tanks and shoot them.

Clear line of sight - shoot
Shell in flight
It's a hit!

As the game progresses, you'll come across new things, like cracked walls that can be shot to clear a path.

Move to shoot wall

When a cracked wall is shot, it leaves a little rubble, but you can now move and shoot through the gap.

Rubble after the shot

You'll also come across larger playing areas and an increasing number of enemies.

Multiple enemies

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